Question: I have light patches of skin – how can I get an even complexion?

Dear Dr Allem My chin has patches of lighter skin and it's uneven. It's worsened over the past 3 years. Please advise me on how I can help to create an even skin pigmentation? Beautifully thanking you. Geraldine


Thank you so much for your question. We have to be very careful in the event where the skin is lightening. There is a possibility that something is damaging your melanocytes (which are the pigment producing cells in the skin). So the crux of it, is that in your case we would have to investigate what is causing the loss of pigment. There is no way of giving you any idea of what is causing this without having a good look at you and investigating the cause. Is there any way you can get to one of our Branches so that we can better assist you? There are a few things we can do depending on what the cause of the problem is. So it’s very important that we determine that cause before we go doing any treatments.

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