Question: I Have Used Eyecreams And Gels Since Highschool But I Still Have Cowsfeet And Dehydration Lines Around My Eyes. What Else Can I Do About It? Is Botox My Only Option? Thanx

I have used eyecreams and gels since highschool but I still have cowsfeet and dehydration lines around my eyes. What else can I do about it? Is botox my only option? Thanx


Hi there! Thanks so much for this question, it’s a great one. Botox is most certainly not your ONLY option when it comes to treatment for your eyes. However, I am going to say that Botox is a really good option if you want fast, effective results that can, over time, have a longer lasting effect. I know that there has been plenty of bad publicity and people have said things about Botox, but I assure you I have been working with Botox and Dermal Fillers for many years now, and in my personal opinion, it is definitely a fantastic option. If you are weary of having Botox, there are other options that are going to require you to have to come for regular treatment and will also give you great results such as Carboxy Therapy, Laser treatments, Medical Rolling or Laser Resurfacing, to name but a few of your options.

The other thing I am going to say is this… There are eye creams, and then there are eye creams. When it comes to the treatment of lines and wrinkles on the skin, especially around the fragile eye area, you need to make sure you are on an active range with potent active ingredients. Some of my favourites (purely based on the great results I have seen), include Skin Medica’s Essential Serum, Lamelle’s Dermaheal Eye cream. These products contain high concentrations of Growth Factors which give you really fantastic results when it comes to lines and wrinkles.

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