Question: Large Pores With Pigmentation

I have large pores with dark circles like pigmentation under my eyes and down to my nose. I had it for the last 10 years. Nothing seems to work, worse in winter. My skins is very flacky as well ( something like dundruf) What do you recommend for me. Please help


You have got a couple of issues that we need to address. Firstly, the issue with your enlarged pores. There is no topical product or cream or lotion or potion that is ever going to "shrink" your pores. Plenty of products advertise that they can do this, but in all the years I’ve specialised in skin care, I’ve not found one. The best results for this type of condition (and even then we can only make it look much better, we will never get rid of it completely), is a combination of peels and laser therapy (and sometimes carboxy therapy). The flaking skin is an entirely separate issue. This is very much dependant on what you are putting on your skin every day. Are you using a very good facial SPF every single day? Are you using a moisturiser that has active hydrating ingredients and ingredients that will support your skin’s barrier? If not, you are going to continue to suffer with this issue. I would reccommend you use something like Lamelle’s Nourish Revitalize Cream every morning with a good SPF over this. At night you need to be using a moisturiser high in Rentinol (such as Lamelle’s Evening Glow Moisturiser).

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