Question: My Skin Gets Ver Dry During The Day. I Put On A Moistariser In The Morning, Then It’s Fine But During The Day It Gets Flakey, Especially My Forehead. What Should I Do?

My skin gets ver dry during the day. I put on a moistariser in the morning, then it's fine but during the day it gets flakey, especially my forehead. What should I do?


It sounds like you are having issues with your skin’s barrier function. The first thing we need to get right is to get your skin working properly so that you don’t lose all that moisture. I would suggest that you have a look at the active ingredients in your current moisturiser, it may be that there is something in your current product that is not agreeing with your skin. I would suggest that you consider the following: For the day Lamelle’s Hydrating serum in the morning, followed by their Nourish Cream, and Sunblock. At night, apply Neostrata’s problem dry skin cream (it is quite thick, but it works quickly and effectively). You can, as an added option, add the use of a weekly enzymatic exfoliation. Once you’ve got that skin functioning properly again and you feel you’re not feeling so dry and dehydrated anymore, we can start introducing other important actives for you to give you a really healthy skin! I would also very strongly recommend a monthly hydrating facial treatment with a medical aesthetics therapist.

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