Question: My Skin Is Not Oily As Such However I Perspire A Lot From My Face And Find That In Summer When I Use A Liquid Foundation I Have To Keep Reapplying My Compact Powder To Prevent Shine. I Want To Try A Mineral Powder Instead Of A Liquid Foundation However They Are Quite Expensive In Comparison And I Am Worried That It Will Not Give The Same Coverage. What Is Your Opinion On Mineral Powders?

My skin is not oily as such however I perspire a lot from my face and find that in summer when I use a liquid foundation I have to keep reapplying my compact powder to prevent shine. I want to try a mineral powder instead of a liquid foundation however they are quite expensive in comparison and I am worried that it will not give the same coverage. What is your opinion on mineral powders?



Well personally I am a liquid foundation girl just because it gives such amazing coverage once you have found a product that you like. Occasionally I will use a mineral powder, but never on it’s own because although they do give coverage it just doesn’t do the same job. I know exactly what you’re talking about when you ít comes to make-up and the heat but a primer before you apply your foundation helps to keep it in place for a bit longer. Also when you are cleansing before you apply your make-up, use a gel wash instead of a cream as the gel tends to absorb more of your skins natural oil which will be replaced the second you start sweating. Avoid over creamy or gel moisturisers and rather opt for something matte. It might feel slightly tighter on your skin, but the moment you start to perspire it’ll all feel worth it.
As for mineral foundations… I would say use it if you feel you’d really rather go lighter than go all that extra mile.

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