Question: My Skin Is So Sensitive That As Soon As I Use Any Face Wash, The Only Product That Doesn’t Give Me Pimples Is Normal Soap (dettol). All The Beauticians Always Get Angry When I Tell Them. Is It Okay Because Everyone Tells Me I Have A Wonderful Skin.

My skin is so sensitive that as soon as I use any face wash, the only product that doesn't give me pimples is normal soap (dettol). All the beauticians always get angry when I tell them. Is it okay because everyone tells me I have a wonderful skin.


Thanks so much for your comment. While I’m always a believer in doing what works best for you, I am just going to say this… You already have a sensitivity problem, and soaps contain detergents and they are alkali which strips your skin of its protective barrier. Now the longer you keep doing that, the more you are going to find as you get older, that your skin is going to get damaged and age much quicker than it should. The reason your skin breaks out when you go onto a range is that it’s not used to getting actives on the skin and as the skin attempts to repair its barrier you will go through a temporary “healing and rebalancing crisis”.

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