Question: Pcos

I am currently 40kg overweight. I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago, which explains the weight gain, but I am struggling to lose the weight. We want to get pregnant, but being over weight lessens our chances. Any tips for me please?


Regular exercise is so important for those struggling with PCOS. Sufferers often start showing symptoms of insulin resistance, which can in turn lead to type 2 diabetes. Exercise is, in essence, muscle activation, which helps use up glucose stores to help prevent it being stored. It will also help with insulin sensitivity, frequency of ovulation, cholesterol and body composition. Experts recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise weekly if you’re struggling with PCOS, where 90 minutes of those are moderate to high intensity. Intense, interval training is the best form of cardio to be practising, and include compound exercises into your strength training sessions for higher calorie burns.

In terms of diet, low GI is the best for you. Lean proteins, low sugar fruits, unrefined fibre, wholegrains and nuts are all great options. Helpful supplements include chlorophyll, B-vitamins, magnesium, chromium, flax oil, evening primrose oil, zinc and vitamins A, E and C. Liver enhancing foods like dark green leafy greens, carrots, lemons and beetroots are all good choices.

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