Question: Question from Beauty lover

Hi Dr, I went for a facial this weekend because my skin has been very congested and as a result I have been struggling with breakouts. The therapist gave me some advice and told me that I should never exfoliate on the areas where I am breaking out, as an exfoliator will 'spread' the breakouts to other areas of my skin. Is this true?


Thanks so much for your question. If your therapist is referring to using a scrub cleanser or exfoliator, then yes, this information is true, as the scrub-type products tend to scrape the skin and can therefore transfer infection. However, it is actually important for a congested skin to exfoliate at least once a week, BUT you need to use an enzyme-type exfoliator that does not scrape the skin at all. There are a few very good ones that I can highly recommend, one of my personal favourites being, Lamelle’s Cathepzyme.

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