Question: Question from Cupcake

Hi I would like to ask what is the best treatment to completely remove post-traumatic hyperpigmentation marks on the legs. I have skin type 4 and have thin skin so anything is visible on my skin so any scarring or bruise I have had on my legs looks like a darker pigmented mark, its not extremely dark or anything but I would like it completely gone. I have tried some treatments of Fraxel and still see the marks, have tried some peels and also nothing. All these treatments have been expensive and the marks are not removed yet. What options am I left with?


Unfortunately hyperpigmented areas will never go away completely, they will lighten.  I would stay away from the Fraxel laser as it might be making matters worst.  Why don’t you try a pigment inhibitor cream, which you should be able to speak to a Dermatologist about and they can prescribe one for you.  I would try that for about 4 weeks and see what the difference is. Try and stay out of the sun while using  pigment inhibitors.  I would definitely try peels again.  Why don’t you research the Cosmelan or Dermamalan peels on Skin & Body Renewal’s website. This peel is fantastic for stubborn pigment.  You might find that it will be quite effective for your hyperpigmented areas. GOOD LUCK!

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