Question: Question from Jane Mqamelo

What are the most important ingredients to look for in an anti-ageing cream - for sensitive skin - I am caucasian, aged 52, wanting to start an anti-ageing regiment. And which lower priced products would you most recommend? I have always cared for my skin with ordinary moisurizers, never used serums and treatment products.


Thank you so much for your question. I have not met you or seen your skin, but here is the most “generic” advice I can give you that will really make a huge difference to your skin if you are having “ageing concerns”.

Every ageing skin needs some very definite “steps” in their home care regime. 1) You need to increase cell turn over, using something like vitamin A and good exfoliating products (such as AHA’s or enzymes). 2) You need good protection during the day in the form of anti-oxidants and a good SPF. 3) You need growth factors to work on repairing the damage that has already happened. 4) You need a good oral supplement to boost your skin from the inside.

So there is a recipe to follow:

1)      Cleanse twice a day, preferably with a cleanser that will encourage cell turn over. (EG. Neostrata’s Exfoliating Wash;  Nimue Cleanser)

2)      During the Day – Anti-oxidant serum. (EG. Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin), and then any moisturiser of your choice on top, followed by a god facial sunblock (EG Heliocare)

3)      At night, alternate between a good vit A product (Skin Medica retinol serum; Skin Ceuticals Retinol Serum; Lamelle’s Evening Glow), and a good growth factor product (EG. Lamelle’s Dermaheal Ultra Moisturising Renewal Cream)

4)      A daily supplement (EG. Lamelle’s Ovelle capsules or Heliocare Capsules)

All the products I have recommended here are well known cosmeceutical brands, but there are definitely more affordable options. Why don’t you contact your nearest Skin Renewal Branch so that we can assist you with these?

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