Question: Question from Lisette Chetty

My skin is flaky and dry. Exfoliators damage it more and creams are just to oily. I cant seem to find anything to balance it and I keep getting blackheads no matter how i cleanse, tone and moisturise


What I suggest you do, is find a beauty clinic close by and have a deep cleansing facial. 1.  It will aid in opening the pores due to the comfortable heat blowing on your skin from the steamer which, in turn, assists with the blackheads to be extracted from the skin without any superficial damage done on the skin.  2.  Steaming of the skin is very good with stimulating moisture in the skin – that will help with your dry and flakiness.  3.  The therapist that will be tending to you skin during the facial will be able to recommend a good and reasonable facial range that will suit your skin conditions and help improve you concerns. 4. Try and have a deep cleansing facial at least once a month.

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