Question: Question from Mandisa

Good Morning Dr Allen I have a problem with hyperpigmentation which is mostly on the left cheek and a little on the right. It started in my mid 30’s. After using a range of products that didn’t work, including Neo strata, I started using Mesoestetic products I purchased from an Oasis spa in Durban and they worked very well but not so well on the left cheek. It seemed I just could not get it all off. After stopping for a few weeks I restarted the dermamelan treatment (also using cleanser, toner, energy C and Hydra Vit K). Now it’s just not working at all. The dark spot on my left cheek is just getting darker. I am not peeling at all. This is all strange as I was told that my pigmentation was superficial and would be easy to treat. What should I be doing? Thank You Mandisa


It’s not at all uncommon to only be able to see the superficial pigmentation at an initial examination, as the superficial pigmentation very often lies directly over dermal pigmentation, and it’s only once you remove a lot of what is lying on top, that you can see the dermal pigmentation left behind.

If the pigmentation that has now remained on your skin is dermal, then the products you are on are great to try and prevent that pigmentation from worsening, but you need to bear in mind that MOST times, dermal pigmentation has internal triggers and you cannot only treat it from the outside.

You may want to consider doing inject-able Mesotherapy and you quite possibly are going to need some supplements to help treat from the inside as well.

I would definitely recommend that you have a follow up consult and re-examine the pigmentation that is left and investigate what triggers your pigmentation in order to have the best treatment options.

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