Question: Question from Miss Addy M

Hi Lisa...another question. I have been properly exercising and training for quite some time now (and by properly I mean dedicating at least 45 minutes five times a week to exercising and training, eating well and healthy and making sure to get the correct form and vary the types of exercises I do that will give me the results I want). Part of my training includes 45 min of cardio three times a week and I really like to run. Recently, I met another young lady who asked if she could run with me since she had wanted to get in shape and shed some weight. I said that was fine and that she could join me. However, having been doing this for nearly two years and she being a beginner, I feel like I'm not quite getting in the work I used to when I was running alone because I find myself slowing down so I don't leave her too far behind. And I have to keep stop and starting so as to accommodate her. Advice on how I can continue on my own fitness level without discouraging her and making her feel demotivated because she feels she has so far to go?


Adding in sprinting intervals is a must for fat-burning cardio, and it’s also your ticket to keeping your partner company whilst still getting in your workout. Whenever I run with someone less fit than I am, I simply factor in a few sprints where I obviously run off from them, and then I simply jog back on my recovery intervals. This means you are not away from them for long, and doubling back means you’re still covering more ground.

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