Question: Question from Singh

I have been reading a lot about using natural skincare products. While most people say that it is beneficial there are others saying there is absolutely no proof that it is better than products with chemicals. What is your take on this?


What a great question! Thank you so much for asking this. I think far too many people misunderstand what is meant by “chemical”… water is a chemical. Every single human being on the planet is made up of a whole host of different chemicals. Essential oils and plant extracts are also chemicals. So to say that you are against the use of products or anything containing “chemicals”, basically means that it is impossible for you to live, because everything around us is made up of a specific chemical structure. Your vitamins and minerals that you need to survive are chemicals as well. So, to answer your question, there is no such thing as a skin care product that does not contain chemicals, because if it has water in it, it contains a chemical. What you need to look at when choosing any skin care products what you need to look at is: 1) Whether or not the product is indicated for the problem/concerns that you are having on your skin. 2) Are there any clinical trials or evidence on the results that this product can achieve? 3) Is the product sold in reputable clinics with a good track record? If you have a YES to all three those questions, then you are most likely looking at a good quality, safe and effective product.

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