Question: SHould I stop using retinoids if I go for laser?

I currently use Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.5% Night Cream a couple of times a week, but later in the month I am going for laser hair removal on my upper lip. Should I stop using the retinol cream a few days before I go? Or can I continue using it, just not around the lip area?


This is a very important question! Thank you for asking it! It’s actually quite a common mistake that many people make. When you are using a cosmeceutical containing retinoids, you definitely have to stop using these when you are going to go and have laser treatments (any laser for that matter). You should stop applying your retinoids 3 days prior to the treatment and you can then resume application 5 days after the treatment. (this is a general guideline, some treatment may require slightly longer waiting periods before resuming the use of your products).

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