Question: Speckled Egg

When I was pregnant I got dark marks on my face (especially on my cheek bones and upper lip). I've used a few different products for even skin tone but none seems to really work, the marks got lighter but I still look and feel like a speckled egg, do you have any advice?


Thank you so much for your enquiry. Clearly your pigmentation is hormonal and quite common after pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are really no quick over-the-counter fixes for this. The best product I can recommend for your hormonal pigmentation is a medical treatment product called Dermamelan. It is only available from aesthetic Doctors so you’d be able to source it from one of our Skin Renewal Branches if one of our doctors has had a look at your skin and you are indicated for the treatment. If your pigmentation is not THAT severe, there are various other things we can do for you. We definitely find that combining treatments and products gives us the best results, however, if you would like to just go onto a regime of products, I can certainly give you some advice. Hormonal pigmentation requires quite a bit of attention and it is something you will have to get under control and manage indefinitely. You could incorporate the use of Cosmelan 2 cream at home and apply it as a night cream and we generally get very good results with this, there is a strict process to follow when starting to introduce this cream into your regime as it is very active. We would give you very comprehensive home care instructions to follow when starting this. There are also other options, such as serums containing tyrosinase inhibitors, which basically slow down your skin’s ability to make more pigmentation in that area. My best advice is to let us have a look at your skin, you are welcome to have a thorough skin analysis with one of our highly trained therapists and they would be able to put together a product prescription for your specific concern.

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