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Hi i have facial hair and tend to use hair removal screams and sometimes it burns .cn i treat my skin?


Hi there. I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question correctly? Are you are wanting to know what product is best suited for your damaged/burnt skin, or are you simply wanting to find better ways to remove the unwanted hair, without damaging the skin?

If you are interested in a product range to restore the skin; I strongly recommend the Serra Restore range from Lamelle, it is highly effective and restores and protects the skin. Using an SPF is crucial so I do recommend the Heliocare sun protection range.

As far as hair removal goes, I am very pro Laser Hair Removal, as it very effectively removes the hair leading to no more painful and damaging depilatory methods needing to be performed at home. This is done by trained professionals therefore this treatment is not going to be damaging to your skin. For more information contact or visit your nearest Skin Renewal Branch at


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