Question: What can I do to get fuller lips?

What is a lip filler -I am 45 years old and I use to have beautiful full lips but over time it seems to have lost it fullness - what can I do to get fuller lips again?


I would suggest dermal fillers – we work together with Dr Varsha who does all our clients Botox and Fillers. You need someone who is well trained and a specialist in this area.

Juverderm, is a hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occuring sugar in our bodies, so it is easily accepted by the body and not likely to create a reaction like you can get with man-made synthetic agents like silicone and Artefill.

Juvederm works very well for lip enhancement, and while not FDA-approved for this use, I feel they are very safe and effective.

Lip augmentation/enhancement involves more than just injecting the lips. You must also add volume and restore the corners of the mouth, below the lip area and often the jaw and chin as well. It is only through this process of restoring the lost support of the lower third of the face that you can restore natural looking lips without causing a distorted over-filled look.

Remember, price should not be your main consideration when choosing a good cosmetic surgeon; experience, training and education are all important factors when making this important decision.

If you don’t want to go that way then you can always buy a lip liner which is a similar colour to your lip colour or your lipstick colour and you can fake the outline of your lips to make your lips look fuller.

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