Question: What can I do to treat skin breakouts?

Hi Dr Maureen, I have been getting really bad breakouts, which I know is stress and hormonal related, but what can I do or use to treat it? I have oily skin and I scar easily. I have been on many treatments but am tired of trying expensive treatments that don't work. What do you suggest? Shana


Thank you very much for your question. You need to understand that when it comes to acne and breakouts on the skin, this normally happens because something is wrong inside your body. Most of the time, acne and hormonal breakouts occur because the hormonal balance in your body is out and that can be triggered by any number of things… stress, an unhealthy gut, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, or even a combination of these. The treatments are great, but they will only help you up to a point, and they are only going to be successful in the long term, if you are prepared to identify and treat the underlying cause FIRST. The appearance of the breakouts are merely an indication of an underlying problem. What I would suggest is that you have a thorough consultation with one of our functional Doctors who have a great number of investigative tools at their disposal to be able to figure out what YOUR particular trigger is. Once we can work on that trigger, all the treatments you have will suddenly start working properly and you will have a more permanent result. If you need us to help you, please contact your nearest Skin Renewal Branch to make an appointment with one of our functional Doctors and we will gladly assist you.

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