Question: What Causes The Skin Around The Eye To Be Puffy Especially In The Morning? How Can This Be Reduced?

What causes the skin around the eye to be puffy especially in the morning? How can this be reduced?


Hi there. Thanks for your enquiry. Puffiness in the morning can be for a number of reasons. The most common reason is when people apply eye creams to close to their eyes at night before going to bed. This causes blockages and swelling and when the person wakes in the morning, their eyes are really puffy. The other reason is often due to poor circulation and poor lymph drainage around the eye area, and that can be due to illness, tiredness, excessive crying, or just plain genetics. There are various ways to help you resolve these problems. The treatment could be any number of things, depending on your specific case. You may need dermal fillers under the eyes. You may need some carboxy therapy or some laser therapy. You may also require a change in eye cream. Best idea is for you to visit a medical aesthetic therapist or Aesthetic Doctor to help you with this.

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