Question: What Is A Good Even Tone Moisturiser For Males ?

What is a good even tone moisturiser for males ?


Thank-you so much for your query. I wish I could give you a simple straight forward “one cream fits all” kind-of answer, but unfortunately it’s not quite so simple. Let me try and give you some options and then you would have to ascertain which description fits you best. If you are a young male, without any other skin problems such as lines and wrinkles etc, then I would strongly recommend the Nourish, Revitalise Cream, by Lamelle. If you are young, with no major lines or wrinkles, but you tend to be oily, then I would say Nourish Revitalise Lite, by Lamelle. If you are an older client and you’re starting to see lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and maybe a bit of pigmentation then you want to look at something like Bionic Face Cream by Neostrata or alternatively the Daytime protection Cream (which also contains an SPF of 15, but then you can only use this in the day, NOT at night). If you have a very sensitive skin, and you want something that’s just going to hydrate, moisturise and not really do anything active at all, but keep your skin soft and hydrated, then consider something like Lamelle’s Barrier Repair Cream. Alternatively if you want to use a range that has all the bits and pieces you need for a full skin care regime, then you can consider the Nimue Man Range. Having said all of that… PLEASE. Whatever option you choose, you MUST apply a good sunblock over whatever moisturiser you decide on, this is VITAL! The Lamelle sunscreens are fantastic, I have used them myself and highly recommend them.

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