Question: When To Start Using Anti-ageing Products

Hi Dr Maureen I have just turned 29, and have noticed fine lines starting around my eyes. You can only see it close up or in the sun. Is it advisable to start using anti-ageing products now or should I wait a bit longer?


Thank you for this question… I’m going to answer as best I can. The word anti-ageing, in my mind has become SO skewed and mis-used that it just confuses people so much that they have no idea what to do when it comes to their skins. My opinion… if you see a problem, treat it, no matter how young or old you are. If you have the problem, do something about THAT problem. In your case it may be a good idea to start using an eye cream or serum that contains growth factors, and if it really concerns you, by all means, even consider some preventative Botox. If you can prevent lines from forming… that’s first prize! Also, always make sure you are using a good facial sunblock every single day. Sunblock is your best "anti-ageing" product!

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