Question: Will Laser Hair Removal On My Face Cause Any Long Term Damage?

Will laser hair removal on my face cause any long term damage?


Hi there. In terms of damage… the laser’s job is to damage the hair follicles. So any hair follicles that are damaged by the laser, will be unable to produce hair again. The only risk in doing laser hair removal is if you are in some way contra-indicated to the treatment, i.e. if you have skin cancer, you’re on prescription meds that cause light sensitivity, or there is some condition or reason that would make you an unsuitable candidate to the treatment. The only other thing where I would say you need to be especially careful is making sure you are being treated with an appropriate laser that can be set according to your skin colour. You are at greater risk of getting burnt with a laser if you are very dark skinned. So make sure you are getting treatments with a therapist who is well trained and knows exactly how to work with a hair removal laser.

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