At what age should you start using anti-wrinkle creams?

When is the best time to start using anti-wrinkle cream?Hi there! Thank-you for this question.
The easy answer is, “start the minute you start to see fine lines forming”, but then you are treating an already visible problem. If you are able to start using the right actives before the problem presents, this is always ideal. Prevention really is better than cure. If you have not yet started noticing lines or wrinkles, then make sure you are on a powerful maintenance range that can maintain your skin for as long as possible and then you can step up your skin care when you start to see any changes. The Nourish Range, from Lamelle is a great maintenance range, and when you want to start introducing more powerful actives you can start looking at ranges containing growth factors and other great anti-ageing actives, such as Dermaheal or Skin Medica, or Neostrata or Skin Ceuticals. I also suggest that you consider going for Botox as soon as you start noticing that you’re beginning to show signs of fine lines forming, this will go a long way to retard the wrinkles from becoming prominent.


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  1. I’m not too convinced about anti ageing potions. The best thing is to saty out of the sun, as much as possible and take care of your body (with good nutrition and exercise)

  2. I have been using some for few years and even though still have small lines appearing.

  3. I think you are almost never too young. The problem is that when you are young you think you can get away with using anything and everything on your skin but what we don’t realise is that early stages determine what your skin will be later on

  4. I’ve been wondering about this myself. I’m 35 and don’t have any wrinkles, but the “experts” at the beauty counters insist I MUST switch to a wrinkle prevention cream… I’ll wait awhile I think. I’m quite happy with my current products.

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