Beauty blunders that are ageing you

Beauty blunders that are ageing youWe are all ageing – and we at advocate ageing gracefully. So in the name of being your most beautiful self, we thought we would mention a few beauty mistakes you could be making that make you look older than you need to.

We consulted beauty expert Erika Katz to unearth the five biggest beauty blunders that add years to your look:


We love a great bold eye or lip, but we also know the two looks don’t exactly go well together. As Katz says, the look can make a woman look ‘painted’ and age her when worn together, so do yourself a favour and choose one or the other. If you’re sporting a bright lip colour, opt for more neutral shadow. On the other hand, if you’re rocking dramatic eyes, choose a neutral lip colour.


Lots of ladies can get away with popping on a bit of black eyeliner on their top lids and skipping the bottom, but if you’re only wearing the black miracle worker on your lower lids and skipping your tops, you could be sabotaging your beauty routine. ‘If you just line the lower lid, it will make your eyes look droopy,’ Katz says. Brighten up and achieve a smokier, younger look with Katz’s trick: ‘Use a darker pencil to outline the top rim, and dip a slanted brush into water and then brown or dark plum shadow.’


Unless you’re Demi Moore, long hair can really age you as you get up there in age. Why? It’s pretty simple, Katz says: ‘As you get older, longer hair can pull the face down and make you look like you are trying to look younger. When you bring the length up, it brightens the face.’


If you think you’re taking years off your look by wearing a bit of concealer, you could actually be doing the opposite! ‘Cover up that is too white actually highlights fine lines instead of masking them,’ Katz says. The solution? Opt for a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.


If your lip liner is a shade darker than your lipstick, you’re only dating and aging yourself. You should always want to look fresh, not painted, so do yourself a favour and don’t make this mistake!
It’s good to rock a look that works for you, and let’s be honest, often we are still sporting a look we’ve worn forever – but it’s also good to mix things up occasionally and try something new.

Written by Chrissy Callahan, this article originally appeared in Loving You


8 Responses

  1. I love making my eyes bold colour, and lips neutral, and on day trips neutral eyes with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow and nice pinkish shiny lips

  2. Wow okay I never knew only putting eyeliner on your lower lids will make your eyes droopy. That’s just freaky.

  3. Blue eye shadow – It is tricky, I have seen so many people that quite frankly scared me because of the over the top blue eye shadow. If it has to be blue, be subtle!

  4. great article. i like to have the top of my eye lined with eyeliner and put eyeshadow on the bottom to create a more natural look

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