Spa Struck

Mens spa adviceSo, your missus has treated you to a session at the spa – or you have picked up the hints she’s been dropping. If she’s joining you for a treatment-for-two then she’s sure to show you the ropes (and probably even pack your spa bag for you). But if you’re on your own, don’t stress about your day spa-side. Here are a few simple rules that’ll help you get the most out of the experience (and make her glow with pride):

1. Wear a good pair. At a spa, your underwear becomes outerwear, so those holey, saggy briefs you refuse to throw out will be seen by your therapist if you’re having a body treatment such as a massage. Of course, you can opt for the disposable paper undies (these do come in handy if your treatment involves water or a body scrub), but play it safe with a decent pair. And we recommended slipping your undies over your disposable briefs for changing to treatment room travelling, so that if in the unfortunate event that your robe flaps open, your crown jewels won’t be on display.

2. Pack swimwear. A stint in the heated pool or Jacuzzi actually fast tracks the benefits of your treatment and allows you to unwind, so pack a cossie or boardies so that you’re not caught short.

3. Real guys wear spa slippers. There’s no shame in wearing the toweling slippers provided in the locker to pad from the changing room to the treatment room. While the spa should be super clean, play it safe with flip-flops for the pool area and if you’re man enough, slippers everywhere else.

4. Guzzle water. The spa should have mineral water and sometimes juices available for you, so do have a drink while you’re waiting in the relaxation area and after your treatment as well. Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body, so it’s a good idea keep drinking H2O throughout the day.

5. Be on time. If you’re late for your spa date, your treatment may well be shortened so your therapist doesn’t run late for her next client. And apart from the consideration factor, if you’re short on time then you’ll miss out on other forms of relaxation such as the water facilities and sauna.

6. Fill in the consultation card. This may seem unnecessary, but actually it’s key information that helps your therapist assess your needs. And be honest about seemingly unimportant things like any medication you’re on or your stress levels. You want to leave the treatment room feeling contented, calm and dying to go back, so a little homework before your session will really help you reap the good stuff.

7. Communicate. The mark of a good therapist is one who talks to you before your treatment and who also checks in on you during the treatment. Yes, no one likes a chatterbox when you’re trying to unwind, but he/she should ask if you’re happy and also if there is anything you’d like altered, for example the pressure used in your massage. If this doesn’t come up, tell your therapist that you like a firm massage for instance and that you’d like to ‘switch’ off during your treatment. This will immediately indicate that you’re not a talker and would like to left in peace.

8. Hang ten. Once your treatment is done, your therapist will encourage you to chill for a couple of minutes until you’re ready to get up. He/she will leave the room and give you some time to ‘come to’ and sip on some water. Take this time out to prolong the relaxation benefits of your treatment.

9. Shower sparingly. Hitting the shower or hot tub straight after your treatment means that the products used on your skin will be washed off straight away. So, if you’re booked in for a facial for instance, shower before your treatment so that you can go home with all those skin lotions and potions still intact. If your hair feels oily and you’re heading out, then go for a wet-look do and slick it back with a little gel.

10. Plan your day. On the subject of going out after your treatment, this is something we just can’t advise. Before you scoff at our disregard of your busy schedule, we just want to highlight that a spa treat should be just that, a treat. See it as time-out from work, social commitments, and other demands. So, after your spa trip, we suggest going straight home and well, doing nothing really. Just enjoy (forgive the girlie term), a little ‘me time’.


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