Beauty secrets of swimwear models

It’s that time of the year again. The Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue 2012, brought to you by Tropitone, is on sale and the ladies are once again the hottest thing on the news stands. We got to drop in on them and learned a few of their skincare and make-up tips and beauty secrets.

Beauty secrets of swimwear models

Simone de Kock

‘I always highlight below my eyebrow, inside corner of my eye and above my cheekbones, this brings definition to my eyes (looks bigger) and my cheek bones (enhances it).’

Roxane van Rooyen

‘Wear a tinted moisturiser during the day; it gives you a great glow, smoothing out your skin tone, without looking too heavy!’

Beauty secrets of swimwear models

Simone van Rooyen

‘My make-up secret is BB cream. It looks super natural, provides enough coverage and with an SPF, it’s all you need!’

Lauren Mellor

‘Less is more and use tint, concealer and colour that suits your complexion. Always apply a high factor to the top of your hands and feet. In summer these areas are permanently exposed to the sun.’

Beauty secrets of swimwear models

Adeline Mocke

‘Drink a lot of water and never do extraction on your face yourself, rather consult a professional. And less is more!’

Xenia Deli

‘I like when my foundation doesn’t look heavy. And I usually put my make-up sponge in the water then I mix it with foundation. Foundation with a little bit of water makes your skin look natural and fresh.’

Beauty secrets of swimwear models

Rosette Mogomotsi

‘You don’t always have to use foundation. Find the right powder and you’ll have the same finish as if you’d used a liquid base.’

Nicole Meyer

‘Moisturise a lot! Every evening and every morning. And don’t use too much powder otherwise it doesn’t look natural.’

Beauty secrets of swimwear models

Beauty secrets of swimwear modelsLera Koryts’ka

‘Good mascara. If I were limited to using only one make-up product a day, I would always go for mascara. And I’m not inventing anything new here… stay away from the sun when it’s strongest: 1pm to 4pm. Re-apply sun protection every 20 minutes and use sun protection for your hair too.’

Natasha Barnard

‘As a model, my face is my most important asset, so I choose to invest in very good skincare products. Exfoliate often, always keep your skin moisturised and allow your skin to breath. I also love to spray rose water on my face; it’s refreshing and it smells wonderful. I think it’s just important to have fun with your make-up. Experiment, try new things and find what works for you! I like to look through fashion magazines for inspiration. Invest in good mascara and foundation and remember that when it comes to make-up, less is more.’

Bailey Nortje

‘No matter the price of the product, if it’s right for your skin use it! And always drink lots and lots of water, it’s a product of its own. Never use too much make-up. Only cover up where needed – too much make-up leads to clogged pores.’

Images: Adeline Mocke, Lauren Mellor, Natasha Barnard, Simone de Kock and Lera Koryts’ka by Jacques Weyers / Xenia Deli, Rosette Mogomotsi, Bailey Nortje and Nicole Meyer by Olivier Desarte / Simone van Rooyen and Roxanne van Rooyen by Gavin Kleinschmidt


37 Responses

  1. Rosette Mogomotsi, Nicole Meyer & Luaren Mellorare so gorgeous, its so fun to receive tips from such gorgeous ladies

  2. Really cool tips, especially the rose water idea. I keep on slacking on the water and SPF though…

  3. Love BB cream! And water is a great tip, you can see (and feel) a difference when you increase your intake!

  4. Very helpful tips. I think I’m going to invest in a good BB cream… can’t stand foundation during summer. It’s so annoying..

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