Become a Greek Goddess with honey

Become a greek goddess

I was super excited to try out all the Justine products! The Kissed by Honey Whipped Body Mousse has the most delicious smell and it doesn’t feel thick and heavy on your skin – but it is still really moisturising and nourishing – especially good for winter when everything gets super dry from heaters and hot baths.

The Honey Herbal Exfoliating Sugar Hand Scrub is also an amazing product for winter when hands and arms (and legs especially) get all scaly and dry. This product is perfect for getting rid of dead skin and making your hands feel refreshed and smooth again. The ingredients are all natural – added bonus – and include jojoba and avocado oils. Almost makes you want to eat it, but I don’t recommend that.

The Honey Herbal Golden Glow Shimmering Body Cream not only leaves your skin with the coveted Greek Goddess glow but it is also nourishing. This is a fabulous product for all over – especially on neck and shoulders if you are wearing something strappy. Or if you are just having a mooch-around-the-house-in-your-PJs’ kinda day, but still want to feel fabulous and glamorous. This will do the trick. I promise.

To see more of Che’s cartoons go to her blog, Indieberries.

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