Bikini waxes decoded


Getting a bikini wax is a summer essential, but these days, it’s not as straightforward as you may think. Most salons have a variety of styles on offer, and if you don’t know your Brazilian from your Hollywood, you may just be leaving the salon with a look you don’t like. These are some of the most popular styles you’ll find on offer:

The classic / regular bikini wax
This wax cleans up the area around your bikini line (so to avoid any hair peeking out of your underwear), and leaves you with an upside down triangle shape in the front.

The extended bikini wax
With this wax, the sides of the bikini line are taken in deeper than with a regular bikini wax, leaving you with a narrower triangle in the front.

The Brazilian wax
This wax removes almost all the hair (front and back), but leaves a small “landing strip” vertically down the centre in the front. Hair in between the buttocks is also removed.

The Hollywood wax
This wax takes everything off – yes, absolutely everything. Being completely hair-free has its perks, but be warned, this is the most painful of all the waxes.

The Valentine wax
This wax removes everything except for a heart-shaped patch in the front. Some salons will even go as far as to create a letter of your choice, or other playful shapes.

The G-string wax
This is the same as a classic bikini wax, but more hair is removed underneath, following the line of a G-string.

These are universal guidelines, but remember that some salons may take a little more or a little less of as per their standards, so it’s always best to discuss the options with a trained therapist.

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5 Responses

  1. I had my Hollywood wax last week. The pain is only there when the strips are ripped off thereafter what a pleasure. Your skin is so smooth and the feeling is the best. I would recommend this type of waxing.

  2. Finally a guide to the different waxes! this will help plenty of us :) although I prefer laser! Waxing is also very very painful.

  3. im so scared of the pain of waxing down there, i so badly want to start, but when i wax my underarms i cant bare to even imagine doint the bikini wax.

  4. This is quite informative. I had no idea that there were so many different styles, its great to be able to go into a salon armed with this information.

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