How to: Protect your hair this summer


Summer means spending gloriously long hours at the beach or by the pool with the sun beaming down on our hair. But, the sea salt, chlorine and sun can cause trouble for our locks.

Here are some pocket pointers from our Hair Expert, Tanaz Hair, Body and Nails, to take with you this holiday season:

• Wet your hair with natural water before going into the sea or a pool. Your hair soaks up the natural water and then not so much the chlorine.
• Tie your hair up if you can.
• Use a conditioner to seal your hair.
• Invest in salon products that protect your hair shaft from sulphates in the ocean or chlorine.
• Wear a swimming cap – it’s the best way to protect your hair from chlorine. You could even apply a leave-in-conditioner under the cap as a treatment (we know it’s unattractive, but at least your hair will look good!).
Rinse your hair with fresh water right after you swim.
• To protect your hair when you are out of the water, wear a hat or wrap your hair up with a pretty scarf.
• Make use of a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the harsh chemicals.
• Have a trim every six weeks (especially in summer) to keep your ends healthy and looking beautiful.

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4 Responses

  1. Which natural conditioners do you guys prefer… I’m a natural and only been using oils trying to stay away from chemicals

  2. Conditioner is so important – chemicals can really damage your hair. A regular trim to keep your hair in check is also important but try not to get a scissor happy hairdresser.

  3. I agree- using a conditioner really does leave your hair soft rather than having that dry grassy feeling

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