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Ultimate Tan Kit

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Ok, so the first word that popped into my head when I opened up this tanning kit box was WOW. The scent is incredible – imagine swaying palm trees, white sand and piña coladas. Yummy. So, just from the scent alone I was super excited to give this product a try. It claims to adapt to each skin type and pigment and therefore gives a very natural, sun-kissed tan. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I’m extremely pale and most self-tanners (and even some gradual tanners) leave my skin orange and streaky. This spray tan product is very easy to use and the latex glove that’s included makes it even easier and less messy. The directions guide you to use a generous amount of spray before massaging the product in evenly. I wasn’t that generous on my first attempt as I have very pale skin and wanted to test how dark the colour was on my skin. The results were amazing. The slight amount that I applied to my skin left me looking gorgeously sun-kissed and lightly bronzed. I look natural and healthy and not like an Oompa-Loompa. I absolutely LOVE this product. My body feels smoother and softer. The colour is so natural, unlike any other tanning product I’ve used before. I can’t get enough of this tanning spray. As long as you apply the spray evenly and blend well (in circular motions) you shouldn’t experience any streaking or blotches. It’s also important to not use too much product as that can cause streaking or an unnatural looking tan.

How’s the scent? Like I said before it has a lovely coconut scent, with only a slight hint of that normal tanner smell. The consistency? A very light liquid that you spray on and that you need to massage in very quickly before it dries. It leaves your skin feeling very moisturised which is a huge bonus. I have realised that you don’t need to use all that much product in order to bring some colour to pale skin, so the 100ml bottle will actually last quite long. How long will my tan last? I think everyone has different skin so it will probably vary, but for me it lasted for about five to six days before it started fading away. I know this kit isn’t cheap, but this product makes it so worth the cash. Do you feel sticky or wet after applying the spray? No, like I mentioned before, the spray is very light and once it’s massaged into your skin you don’t feel any residue. You should wait a bit before putting on clothes, but you definitely don’t feel wet or sticky. I started noticing a change of colour after about one hour and my full tan had developed after about three to four hours. I honestly can’t get over how natural it looks. I’m so excited!

Also included in the kit is a tan extender cream. This also smells amazing and feels lovely on your skin. It’s meant to tone problem areas and help with cellulite. I can’t say whether I’ve noticed an improvement on the cellulite part but it definitely moisturises dry areas and if applied regularly will help extend your tan for a bit longer. It contains some amazing ingredients that are very moisturising. Sunflower seed oil, shea butter and jojoba seed wax are fantastic ingredients to help keep your skin soft and moisturised. Overall this kit is very easy to use and I love that the glove is included cause I have a feeling if I don’t use the glove I will end up making a mess of the spray tan.
– Chicara

I am really pale as I never leave the house without sunscreen as I know the damaging effects of the sun and also premature ageing. So I accepted the challenge of trying a self tanner, which I have never touched in my life. I’m sad to say I did not like this product at all. Firstly the smell bothered me as I can’t stand the smell of coconut (although some people might like it). I found it extremely difficult to dispense the product when holding the bottle upside down as I battled to squirt it upright. The product kept on getting stuck in the top of the squirting cap – I assume that was because I was holding it upside down. I also battled to keep track of where I had applied it since the product dissolves without a trace into the skin. It takes extremely long to tan the skin (six hours) so it’s not a good product to apply when you’re in a rush. Plus the first two days I looked really orange. Thereafter the colour was patchy and uneven (maybe it was an application error on my part). It does, however, last long as I have had it for one week and it is only now fading a bit. All in all I don’t really recommend this product.
– ricebunny

Bisousoleil’s Ultimate Tan Kit contains a unique combination of a spray tan, anti-cellulite tan extender mousse as well as a glove. The product comes in a white box bearing the Bisousoleil name with a teal sun logo. The instructions on the pack are quite detailed and really simple to follow. The only criticism I have is that the packaging could do with some sprucing up. The chemical contents could be printed on the box as this could allow prospective buyers to determine whether they are allergic to the product without having to try it first.

The clear tan formula comes in a nice spray pump bottle and allows convenient dispensing and generous smooth application with the glove provided. The spray dries within a few minutes and colour develops quite quickly. It works with your own skin tone and pigments, producing a natural-looking tan. The tan extender, which also has anti-cellulite properties, is a great idea and my skin showed a slight improvement in moisturisation, texture and tone overall.

This is one of the better do-it-yourself kits because it is long lasting, easy to apply, moisturising and does not streak too much. It is a bit on the pricey side but considering that it is two products in one box, it really is worth the cost.


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  1. Some of us have a natural tan…”The perks of being black”. But the reviews are amazing. It was good to hear that it has anti-cellulite properties. If it really does work on different skin tones I might just try it.

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