Chanel ventures into the blue

Chanel ventures into the blue 1

A unique study has led Chanel to create an almost magical skin potion made of natural products from those countries where turning hundred is nothing unusual.

In most parts of the world, someone turning hundred makes the news. But a few regions around the globe produce more centenarians than the world average: Costa Rica, Sardinia, Greece and Japan.

These are called the blue zones and science has been working hard to discover why living there improves your chance of a very living and healthy life. The most popular theory was diet – the fish, the olive oil, the sushi…

Recent research shows food does play a part. But there’s more. These indestructible old-timers get regular exercise, which includes daily walks. They are better at managing stress and don’t get too wound up about difficult situations. Social bonding and being with family and friends are also a big part of their life.

The Chanel Research team decided to look at another aspect. Comparing their data on skin ageing to studies of the hundred-plus folk, they found four similarities between the behaviour of centenarians and lasting, youthful skin:

* Cellular energy, comparable to daily exercise in blue zones, along with cellular metabolism, which is as important as a balanced diet;
* Adapting to cellular stress, essential in dealing with life’s challenges;
* Intercellular communication, essential to healthy skin, just like the social bonding in blue zones.

The result is Chanel Blue Serum (R1 710), a lightweight, nourishing serum for all ages and skin types. It contains extracted, powerful molecules from three natural ingredients: Costa Rican green coffee, Sardinian olives and Greek lentisk which is tapped from a shrub.

The three active ingredients help to improve cellular longevity and activate the youthfulness of skin. Applied to cleansed skin, it is the first skincare step in a daily beauty ritual. You can follow it with your usual products. Used every morning and evening, Blue Serum activates the skin’s youthfulness.

Chanel Blue Serum is exclusive to CHANEL studios in selected Edgars stores.


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  1. I would kill to try this gorgeous serum. But I could never justify the cost, and I’d be scared that I’d get addicted to it, and not be able to repurchase!

  2. I would love to give Chanel Blue Serum a try. It sounds like an amazing product. When it comes to your skin, only the best will do!

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