Spring clean your skincare drawer

Spring clean your skincare drawer 1

When it comes to your skincare drawer, every woman will agree that there are products that should’ve been replaced long ago – but there just never seems to be time. Well, here’s how to give your skincare drawer a complete makeover!

Expiry dates on products are very important and we often overlook them completely. Skincare products can easily become outdated and have the potential to be unhealthy; especially when bacteria builds up over time. This is why it is so important to go through your skincare drawer and replace the old with the new.

• CleanserYour cleanser will generally last for about one year. If your specific products contain acids, it might have a longer shelf life, so check your labels. If you are unsure, play it safe and give yourself one year to finish it before you replace it with a new one.

• Toner: Facial toners will last for about one year too; if it contains vitamin C, the nutrients might lose its potency before the year is over though. You can still use the toner, you just might not benefit as much from the added vitamins as you would with a new, fresh product.

• ExfoliatorExfoliators have a shelf life of about six months. If you regularly exfoliate your skin, this will be enough time to finish your container and buy a new one in time. A good tip is to use a plastic spoon instead of your fingers to scoop up the product; it’s more hygienic too.

• MoisturiserMoisturising products will last for about six months at a time. Those with added SPF protection will likely last a bit longer – up to a year. However, if you expose it to regular heat, rather replace your moisturiser every six months.

• Serum: Serums can last for up to one year; however, since you will only use a small amount at a time, make sure that you keep track of your purchase date so that you can replace your product in time.

• SunscreenSunscreens are formulated to last for up to three years. Some sunscreen products will contain an expiry date, so discard the product if it reaches that date, or if you had it for more than three years. Rather be safe, as you would want your sunscreen to be effective at all times.

These are just a few of the tips and guidelines you can use to spring clean your skincare drawer. Do keep in mind that skin care products may differ and you should always check the container for a specific expiry date. You should be able to see a floating jar symbol with a ’12’ or a ’36’ for example, which indicates the number of months you can safely use the product after opening.

Remember, the biggest factor is the way you store your skincare products. With proper care and adhering to the recommended shelf life of each product, you will always have a fresh batch of products that you can rely on to make your summer a beautiful and healthy one.

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  1. I only recently went through my skincare and I threw out a Lush cleanser that my sister had given me and I’d forgotten about. It just didn’t smell the same, so I wasn’t keen on putting it on my face! I also threw out some sunscreens.

  2. Great article. I love the fact that Beauty South Africa website has so many articles relating to getting the most of your products, and also a guideline on how far you can stretch the use for best results! In many instances, I have hoarded specific treatment product for an occasion, only to realize that it doesn’t work as my skin concerns have changed. I try to purchase only relevant products which I religiously use daily or weekly, but those targeted specialized treatment products always scream at you for beauty perfection!

  3. When purchasing a new item, label or use a marker on the lid – write down the year in which it expires (even the month). This way you can keep track of how long you have left to use a product!xx

  4. I accidently used an expired serum recently. It left me with such a bad breakout. At first I had no idea what was causing the breakout, and then I look at the expiry date of the serum, and saw that it had expired. So now I know to take the expiry date seriously

  5. Great tips!I always wondered about toners’s expiry date since i don’t use it often and now i know

  6. I always give away products that do not work for me, to family and friends. This helps with decluttering and will make space for new products.

  7. Fantastic tips and advice, BSA! I usually write the purchase date on the product with a permanent marker or make a note on my wall calendar.

  8. I am hoarder when it come to cosmetic products and definite spring clean to clear all the clatter that I have kept for years.

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