Chocolate beauty recipes

Chocolate beauty recipes 1

Calling all chocolate lovers! After years of debate, it’s been proven that the delicious cocoa-filled treat is good for us. Chocolate is packed with major health and mood-boosting benefits thanks to the serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins that it triggers in the brain. In its raw form, it’s a great source of polyphenol antioxidants, which is great for our skin and body, and research has shown that a small portion helps lower blood pressure and boosts cardiovascular health – who are we to argue with science? It’s the sweetened variety that’s a bit tricky, so moderation is key. Luckily it’s Easter, so we’re allowed to indulge a bit. In the spirit of all things chocolate and decadent, here are some recipes to sweeten up your beauty routines.

Chocolate Facial Scrub

This refreshing and rejuvenating scrub could be just what you need to get your skin glowing.


13 cup of cocoa powder
• 3 tablespoons cream
• 2 teaspoons cottage cheese
14; cup honey (which opens up clogged pores)
• 3 teaspoons of oatmeal (Try Nature’s Choice Oatmeal, available from Wellness Warehouse)


Beat all the ingredients into a thick paste and then massage onto your face. (You might want to grind the oatmeal into a finer powder before you use it.) Let it absorb into your skin for about ten minutes and then rinse off. Oatmeal is great for sensitive skin and acts as an exfoliator.

Chocolate Body Scrub

These ingredients are tasty and even better for your skin. The sugar helps get rids of dead skin cells, the cocoa powder is good for anti-ageing and the oil is a great moisturiser. Just try not to lick it off as soon as you apply for it to actually work.


• 1 cup brown sugar
14; cup cocoa powder
12; cup olive oil
• a few drops of vanilla essence. 


Mix all the ingredients together and store in an air-tight container. Massage onto wet skin and rinse with warm water. Be careful if using this scrub in the shower, it may become a bit slippery.

Chocolate Lip Ice

Soft lips with a hint of chocolate? Sign us up! Moisturise and get your pout ultra soft with this easy recipe.


• 3 tablespoons cocoa butter
• 3-4 chocolate chips
• 1 vitamin E capsule
14; teaspoon olive oil


Put your cocoa butter in a small microwave-proof dish and heat until melted. Add your chocolate chips and stir until they melt into the cocoa butter. You can microwave again if need be. Now add the vitamin E and olive oil. Stir very well. Store in a small, airtight container. Tip: if you want it to be more chocolatey, feel free to use more chocolate chips. Noted!



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