Chocolate Body Butter. Yum

The Body Shop chocolate products

The ladies of sent me some delicious Body Shop products to sample. This month is celebrating all things chocolate because who doesn’t love chocolate, right? Right.

The Chocomania Shower Cream has real cocoa butter (yum) and is soap free so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight. It has the most gloriously delicious scent and you have to stop yourself from sampling it like a chocolate milkshake. lol. There are so many creams and lotions that leave you feeling greasy and slimy (not cute) after you’ve put it on, but I didn’t feel that at all with The Chocomania Body lotion. It’s also an absolute chocolate scent-feast and I suggest applying it in an open space to prevent you from drooling on yourself (also not cute).

I’ve always been a fan of the Body Shop Body Butters and I really fell in love with the Japanese Cherry Blossom flavour while I was living in Korea. I’ve never tried the Strawberry flavour (I know) so I was very excited to give it a bash. According to The Body Shop the Strawberry Body Butter works because ‘strawberry seed oil provides omega-3 and omega-4 fatty acids to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so it is smooth and supple; and Community Trade shea butter moisturises, softens and protects skin with a high level of antioxidant vitamins A, E and F’.

I didn’t count all the omegas but I will tell you that I’ve only used it for three days so far and already my skin feels so healthy and nourished and it smells great too. Win.

Thanks so much

To see more of Che’s delightful cartoons go to her blog, Indieberries.


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  1. his decadently chocolatey Body Butter gives extra long-lasting hydration. It contains 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients – the most we’ve ever put into one product. It leaves skin sweetly scented, and feeling softer and smoother. Wear it, love it, but don’t eat it.

  2. i love the body shop and the chocoholic range i am always tempted to eat lol because it smells so alike

  3. I love chocolate,but I don’t want to smell like I had a hostile encounter with it lol.and besides how are you gonna wear a perfume when you smell like food?

  4. It sound devine. Im must get me some. Love the fact that it contain omega 3 and omega4

  5. For a die hard chocoholic like myself…I cannot think of a better indulgence.

  6. I LOVE the Chocomania range from Body shop. I have the soap, the wash and the body butter. I smell sublimely delicious after using this every evening. Now I have to hide my stash from my eight year old daughter!

  7. I have been a die hard Body Shop fan for over 8 years and I still use the Coconut Body Butter and a few other bits and bobs. Nothing else makes my skin feel so soft.

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