Clicks launches MyEarth, a new eco-friendly range you’ll love

Clicks launches MyEarth, a new eco-friendly range you’ll love 1

MyEarth by Clicks is a new eco-friendly range of products that fills a major gap in the market: affordable sustainable products.

By now we know the harmful effect that our consumption has on the planet. We know that single use plastics are one of the biggest offenders, and we know that harmful chemicals in our personal care products run down the drains and into the ocean. We know that our non-recyclable product packaging is filling up landmines. What we haven’t known, until now, is how to solve the problem.

While some people have made the switch to using more natural products in their homes, the majority of households have been unable to do so, simply because most eco-friendly products on the market are too expensive.

It only takes about ten seconds of glazing over a shelf in a supermarket to realise that non-natural products are far more affordable than natural products, and in the average South African household, price dictates product preference.

This is where Clicks steps in with the newly-launched MyEarth collection; a range of eco-friendly products that use ingredients, materials and packaging that are not only kind to you, but also kind to our planet. The range offers affordable everyday essentials that prove that it doesn’t have to cost the earth to save the earth.

“As a leading health and beauty retailer, we choose to do more – not just say more – when it comes to protecting our planet. We know our customers want to reduce their impact on the environment but don’t want to spend a fortune on eco-friendly alternatives, so we’ve created a new affordable private label range that does exactly that,” says Clicks Head of Merchandise and Marketing, Jamie Lane.

What does the range consist of?
MyEarth offers products across bath, body, beauty, health, baby and personal care categories.

What makes MyEarth eco-friendly?
MyEarth products are made using materials and ingredients that are plant-based, vegan-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free, with zero harsh chemicals such as sulphates, phthalates and parabens. Ingredients and materials are sourced sustainably. Where palm oil is used, it is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and wood is sourced with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp of approval.

“When developing MyEarth, we made a conscious decision to use more recycled material and limit our use of unnecessary plastic, such as not using plastic in our brushes and not using cable ties. Where packaging is not recyclable, such as in the pumps for our hand wash and body spritzer, which have a metal spring inside, we are actively sourcing an alternative, recyclable option,” Lane explains.

Our editor’s picks
“I’ve loved using the new Clicks MyEarth products, not only because they’re great quality, but also because I know they’re kind to the environment. My favourites are the organic cotton earbuds with paper stems, R9.99 (they’re really soft yet sturdy), the plant-based handwash, R49.99 (smells absolutely amazing and lathers beautifully) and the 100% organic cotton pads, R49.99 (cut into squares to reduce wastage from offcuts). In terms of the reusable items, the face pads and comb is amazing! I’m so pleased that there is finally an affordable range of eco-friendly products on the market, and from a brand we know and trust.”
– Anien, BSA editor

Top 5 ways to reduce your plastic waste
#joinourmyearthjourney of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Choose products made from renewable and sustainable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.
Replace single-use items with reusable alternatives, such as washable facial pads to remove makeup rather than disposable options.
When there’s a plastic-free option, use it. For example, seek out earbuds with paper rather than plastic stems.
Opt for products that use PET – a plastic polymer that can be recycled – over non-recyclable plastics.
Be more aware about how the products you buy are made.

Shop the Clicks MyEarth range at Clicks stores and online at


9 Responses

  1. Hi , why are there no longer flushable wet wipes available.
    I have tried that number of stores , they have no stock.
    Has , this product been discontinued
    If yes , a huge mistake , I know so many people who use this awesome product
    kindly advise

  2. I hope the day cream with spf 30 will work well.

    We need toxic and chemical free spf 30 for face and body, please.

  3. I was very sceptical – if a product is say to be ‘natural’, without the bad stuff and also affordable…but i have to give MyEarth the thumbs up – after carefully reading the ingredient list of some products, i bought them and i am blown over, especially with the rose body butter – it is soft as velvet on the skin, creamy and my skin tend to love it. I would recommend the appearance and smell of the rose oil could be more ‘alive’ and would love a rose body spray too.

  4. I absolutely love the fragrance of lavender & bergamot blend. Have been searching for this scent in a roll on and ladies spray deodorant. If this is not in your range yet, please bring it out…I’m sure ladies will love it.

  5. I love anything eco friendly these new beautiful products looks fresh and new on the market I’m so excited I would pls love some samples to test and share with my friends of possible.congrats guys great job

  6. I love the product..
    I’d like to give it a try cause I have a skin problem.

    The packaging looks attractive too❤️

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