Colostrum – skincare’s new, natural kick?

Colostrum skincareFirst milk. That’s what new moms have come to know colostrum as. Produced naturally by all mammals (from humans to dairy cows) during pregnancy, colostrum is a complex form of milk that contains essential growth factors. It has anti-bodies to protect newborns’ immune systems and is essentially a natural anti-biotic, a natural superfood. I shouldn’t be surprised that colostrum is now being used in beauty products, as a natural alternative to the chemically produced active ingredients used in many other skincare products. Because of its ability to nourish and moisturise the skin, colostrum not only protects against damage caused by free radicals, it also supports the production of collagen and elastin.

A few weeks ago, BeautySA was introduced to a range of skincare products that not only contained this superfood, colostrum, but also combined it with the 700 herbs and plant extracts in Moor collected from Austria. It’s name? Bio-Rejuv.

A skincare range that aims to heal and protect your skin naturally, Bio-Rejuv uses the purest and best quality colostrum in the world. It’s collected from New Zealand dairy farms, where animals are fed little to no supplements – which means there’s no chemical imbalance. Now you can imagine our excitement at being handed over these natural products, and we put them to the test.

What we say:

My introduction to Bio-Rejuv started with the full range. Zoe was lucky enough to be given a facial in the office, but I wanted to test the products in the comfort of my own bathroom first.

First I used the Deep Purifying Cleansing Bar. Wetting my hands and then rubbing the bar between them, you work up a thick lather to release the active ingredients (that being the colostrum) and then pat it onto your face. Leave it on for about two minutes before rinsing off again – this allows the active ingredients to work on balancing the pH of your skin. Next up was a spritz of the Active Tonifying Mist to prep my skin for the weekly Deep Penetrating Mask. The mask, only to be used every seven to ten days, is pretty thick (I’m guessing from all that Moor goodness) and needs to be mixed with a few spritzes of the mist and then patted onto the skin. It should be left on the skin for six minutes, but should never be left to dry – so I had to keep spritzing myself with the toner. With my six minutes completed and a basin full of brown water (it’s not as bad as it sounds) I moved on to the creams – the Satinyl Refining Anti-Ageing Cream and the Moisture Enhancing Face Cream. Now while Zoe had been double-moisturised during her facial, I preferred to use the Satinyl during the day and the Moisture Enhancing at night.

After four weeks my skin definitely felt and looked healthier. The final verdict, a great skincare range if you’re looking for something that uses active ingredients produced naturally in the world. (And if you can get over the fact that it comes from the mammory glands of cows down-under.)


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