Craig Native’s grooming tips

Craig Native's grooming tipsWhat’s keeping you busy right now?

Dreaming of being a music producer, but in ‘real time’ I’m creative director of my design agency. I am also a judge for the TFG Gift Card Design competition.

What is your skincare routine like? Do you have one?

My routine is to try and eat healthier. I do four cardio workouts a week, be it small or large. I go with what I feel, rather than trying to fork out a half marathon unwillingly. Lots of water is number one, and I try to avoid carbs.

What grooming products do you use?

I’m quite easy this way. I use a facial scrub once a day.

What would you say is your must-have grooming product?

Nothing in particular. I stay away from anything with parabens, and don’t do heavily perfumed products either.

Which aftershave are you wearing?

Currently sporting a beard, so none at the moment.

Do you trim your beard yourself or do you visit a barber?


The same question goes for your hair: DIY or stylist?

After eight years, I decided to start going to the barber. I’m sporting a 1980s’ box cut so I’d rather leave it to a pro.

If we were to open your gym bag what would we find in it?

Boxing gloves, skipping rope, weight training gloves, headband, sneakers – all Adidas, as they are my sponsor.

What grooming tips would you pass on to your kids one day?

No parabens, period.

What is your number one health tip?

Keep moving at least four times a week – be it walking, cycling or training for the Olympics – with a large bottle of water close by.

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