Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin

Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin 1

In a world where we’re sometimes made to feel that we need to change our appearance to conform to unattainable standards, it’s so refreshing when a beauty brand celebrates (and encourages!) natural beauty. NIVEA understands that beauty is diverse, and recognizes that all of us are naturally beautiful.

We all have our own unique shade of beautiful, and to celebrate the beauty of YOUR skin, NIVEA conceptualised the #ForYourShadeOfBeautiful message. This movement encourages beauty lovers to unite in their diversity, to celebrate their differences, to uplift one another and to embrace the characteristics that make each of us ourselves.

Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin 2

We recently received a carefully curated NIVEA Pamper Box, packed with products to enhance and embrace the natural beauty that makes each of us unique. The box contains a combination of facial and body care products that moisturise, soften and nourish skin, all of which are available from your nearest Clicks store and online at  

Our editor put a few of the products in the box to the test to achieve her best, healthiest skin this festive season – here’s how it went:

“NIVEA has played an important part in my skincare regime for as long as I can remember, and as each year goes by, I discover more and more products to add to my favourites list.

The NIVEA Pamper Box arrived at the best time – at the end of a long year, my skin is tired, in need of some extra nourishment, and still a little dry after winter. The variety of products in the box is perfectly suited to my skin’s current needs – body care to moisturise and nourish, serums to promote an even skin tone and an SPF that’s both gentle and hard-working. These are the products I’ve been putting to the test:

Body Care

Even before this box arrived, I was a big fan of the NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care Body Lotion. It contains five oils and vitamins (including avocado, almond, soybean, macadamia and olive oil) to offer long-lasting moisture, visibly smooth skin and help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.

Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin 3

The first thing I came to know and love about this product is the scent. It has a beautiful warm and nutty fragrance that smells absolutely amazing, plus the texture is fantastic – it’s rich enough to really hydrate and nourish dry skin, but it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or oily. I have been using this every day after showering and can honestly notice a major difference in my skin’s moisture content and texture – it’s softer, smoother and there is no dryness in sight!

The NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Even Glow Body Lotion was also included in the box, and this is a fab product for anyone struggling with an uneven skin tone on their body. It contains vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant known to brighten skin), as well as an SPF15 to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Due to our climate, most South Africans experience dark spots or an uneven skin tone at some point in their lives, regardless of skin tone, skin type or age. The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Luminous 630˚ Anti Dark Marks Serum range features three high-impact serums, specifically designed to help fade and prevent discolouration, while taking into consideration the cause of the marks, as well as one’s skin type. The range contains the patented ingredient Luminous 630 which was specifically designed to safely help reduce and prevent dark marks. 

Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin 4

I have been using the Anti-Age & Spot Serum, as I am in my 30s and have noticed some subtle loss of volume and the formation of fine lines. This is a great option for me as I am prone to developing dark marks during summer, but I want to treat the signs of ageing at the same time. This serum helps plump skin thanks to a collagen booster, helps fill wrinkles as well as reduce age spots. Since using it I have noticed my complexion is a lot brighter, my skin is softer, feels moisturised and looks less tired. I’m excited to see how my skin fares over the course of summer as I’m prone to developing a couple of sun spots each year and believe this will do the trick to keep them to a minimum.

The other Luminous 630 serums in the box include Post-Acne Dark Mark Serum, which was designed to reduce dark marks and spots caused by pimples while soothing and mattifying the skin, and Advanced Treatment Serum, which reduces dark marks caused by hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure; while deeply moisturising the skin.

Delve into the NIVEA Pamper Box with us and discover the natural beauty of your skin 5

NIVEA sunscreen has been part of my regime since my teens, and I find their facial sunscreens particularly pleasant to use as they have a lovely, non-sticky texture along with added skincare benefits. I have been using the NIVEA Sun UV Face Sensitive Sun Allergy Protection SPF50 and it has fast become one of my favourite formulas. It is the ideal product for anyone struggling with sensitive skin, skin irritations and sun allergies as it protects skin from the inside out thanks to its powerful antioxidant content that activates the skin’s own defence mechanism. It is non-greasy (a must!) and unperfumed, making it suitable for sensitive skin. I wear SPF every day of my life and this one doesn’t leave a white cast or any unwanted shine. Plus, the creamy texture makes a great makeup base – I even skip my primer when I wear it.

Besides the fantastic quality of the products, one of the things I love about NIVEA is their commitment to celebrating diversity, and the way they continually encourage everyone to love the skin they’re in. It’s a message we should all be spreading, and an outlook we should all embrace.

Confidence and self-love go hand in hand, and when you accept your body for its uniqueness, it becomes so much easier to celebrate it.”
Anien, Editor

These NIVEA products (along with all your other favourites and new releases) are available from your nearest Clicks store and online from

This post was sponsored by NIVEA.


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  1. Love Nivea Perfect & Radiant products, all Nivea products are fabulous, skin friendly, there’s a Nivea product for every skin type, just loving Nivea.

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