DIY Natural Clay Cleanser for oily skin

DIY Natural Clay Cleanser for oily skin 1

In the last five years, the focus on skincare has grown faster than a menstrual breakout indulged with a sugar binge. Spearheaded by skincare-first companies like Glossier and Deciem, it’s predicted to corner nearly 30% of the beauty and personal care industry by 2020.

And we can see this around us, right? A few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person outside of the aesthetic medicine scene who knew what an AHA was, never mind how this was meant to help your skin. Now, we post #topshelfie snaps to Instagram, share details of our five-step nighttime routines over lunch with friends, and some of us can even list the differences between humectants and occlusives. We’re pretty clued up, huh?

Along with this newfound knowledge came the idea that not everything in traditional beauty products are good for the long-time health of our skin. Buying small-batch or making your own meant a much stricter control over production – great for transparency, even better for you skin.

The ‘natural beauty’ industry has blossomed under this, and increasingly in South Africa where it supports many women-led small businesses (like Eco Diva). Hurrah!

If you’ve been waiting in the wings for a chance to give DIY skincare a go, this clay cleanser is the perfect beginner’s recipe. Best suited for oily, breakout-prone skin. 

DIY Clay Cleanser by toofufu

Prep time: 5min

Mixing and application time: 5min

Amount made: Enough for up to eight washes

Usage: Cover your face, neck, and other problem areas in a thin layer and wash off with warm (not hot, nor cold) water after a few minutes. Use twice daily, morning and evening – unless skin is clear, in which case, skip a cleanse. Follow with a light moisturiser, and an appropriate skin serum.

Expiry date: Three to four days after mixing.

Sourcing materials: Essentially Natural and Faithful to Nature are great online options. Wellness Warehouse are your brick-and-mortar option but they are more costly.

Vegan status: Proudly 100% vegan

Please do a patch test for allergic reactions before application to anywhere else. 


A teaspoon, and tablespoon

A glass or ceramic mixing bowl

small glass container for your finished cleanser, or cling wrap if you’re fresh out of small glass containers

A clean makeup brush for application (handwash as a brush cleaner works like a charm)


2.5tbsp of kaolin clay

5tsp of vegetable glycerin

1tsp of bentonite clay (heaped) / If your skin is very sensitive, replace this with kaolin – but remember to do a patch test before application.

1tsp of french green clay (heaped)

0.5tsp of jojoba oil

3 drops of rose geranium oil

2 drops of rosemary oil (not as gross as you think, I swear)

1tsp sunflower seed oil

4tbsp water


Mix all the ingredients together with a clean (wooden – if possible) teaspoon until well-blended and mostly lump-free. Get rid of extra bumps by squishing them on the side of your bowl with the back of your spoon. 

If the mixture is too runny for you liking, add half a teaspoon of kaolin clay at a time, until you get the desired consistency. If your cleanser is too thick, add a teaspoon of water until it hits the sweet spot. 

Decant into your clean glass container, or wrap film around the top of your mixing bowl. You’ll need to make sure the cleanser is kept in glass, though, as some of the ingredients are affected by plastic and so on. Here are some more tips about safely using natural products. 

After use, keep the cleanser in the fridge, adding more water with each wash if needed. Your mixture will last up to four days. 

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