Do at-home face masks really work?

Relaxing while waiting for a face mask to work it’s magic – who doesn’t love a good pamper session! That being said, I seldom see a considerable difference in my skin after washing off the face mask. Is adding a face mask to your beauty routine really worth the mess?

Are at home face masks effective?

Dr Maureen Allem from Skin, Body & Health Renewal responds:

“If a face mask contains good quality active ingredients that YOUR particular skin needs, you should see or at least feel a marked improvement after giving yourself a treatment. If you feel that the product you are applying is not working for you, then consider changing it. Adding a mask that really works is definitely worth it once or twice a month.”

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10 Responses

  1. Honestly, I do not find home face masks to be very effective. I prefer getting a facial at a beauty salon.

  2. I enjoy a facial every month and yes your skin texture is different. A facial is a must in the South African climate.

  3. I always feel that masks are going to start the growth of pimples. I mean, they are to detox your skin after all and with detox, out pops a pimple.

  4. I have never had a facial because I’m too scared to trust a stranger with my skin, but I do believe in a good face mask once a week at the very least. I love the multivitamin mask from Dermalogica. It’s pricy but lasts me at least 6 months which makes it worth my while.

  5. Apart from the relaxation element, I haven’t really found an at-home mask that has made a marked difference in my skin so I just gave up on them.

  6. I was told to use eggs, but they really aren’t working for me. My pimples became worse!

  7. I haven’t used a face mask that ever worked for me! I have bought and used Lancôme Vichy, Clarins, and many more!
    I started using a new product, NeoStrata, face wash and cream with SPF in the AM, three minutes and Face wash using my Clarisonic and a brightening lotion in the PM three minutes again. My beauty regime is simplified and in only one month the results are absolutely amazing, so much so that words cannot even begin to describe how well this has worked, NeoStrata!!! My savior!!!

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