Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Cream for Dry Skin Trial Team

Eucerin Volume Filler Day

Price: R290
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide

What we say:
Imagine looking tired, yet having people say, “even though you look tired, you still look fresh.” That’s the reaction I got after using Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Cream (for dry skin). As a mom to a nine month old, sleep is a luxury, so when I’m told I look fresh and even that I’m glowing (even though I look tired), that’s great news.

I’ve enjoyed testing Eucerin’s Day Cream! Apart from what people have said about my skin, I like that the skin is thick and rich. Even though it’s for dry skin, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. Another plus for me was Eucerin’s use-by date at the bottom of the jar. How many of us really know when it’s time to throw out a cream? The only thing I would’ve like to add to the day cream, would be an SPF – it makes it so much easier that putting on sunblock after a moisturiser.
– Dianne

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