Exercises to sneak into your beauty routine

If you aren’t getting your bod to the gym for whatever reason, add these exercises into your morning beauty routine and slowly reap the long-term benefits. 

Exercises to sneak into your beauty routine

1. Toothbrush toes
For the two minutes that you brush your teeth and the further few minutes that you floss (because everyone remembers to floss), stand on the balls of your feet and hold that position for a few seconds. This not only helps with good balance, but it also helps tone your calf muscles and strengthen your feet.

2. Make-up kegels
Your mothers’ may have told you that it’s good to practise kegel exercises –especially for when you’re pregnant. Well, she was right. They help strengthen certain core muscles and help prevent incontinence later on in life. Next time you’re applying your mascara, sit cross-legged and quickly squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and release, ten times in a row. 

3. Hair mask lunges
While you usually sit around patiently waiting for your hair mask to penetrate your hair follicles, why not throw in a few lunges? Do ten on one leg and then alternate. This makes your three drawn-out minutes fly by! Plus you want to keep your head upright and straight so you will definitely get your lunge form right as this is the correct position. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner Street Art Design Edition smells divine – you will want to carry on doing lunges!

4. Face mask crunches
We all know our skin reaps many benefits when we apply a face mask. But how many of us avoid it because we hate waiting for the time to pass? Now you can add in a few reps of tummy crunches while you’re toning or hydrating with your favourite facemask. An overall tummy and skin workout in one!

5. Brightening biceps
For the beauty rituals that take more time to see results, such as teeth whitening or at-home hair colour, you can sneak in even more exercises. Try doing an upper body workout. A few reps of bicep curls or tricep dips will get you on your way to a sculpted body. 

Nail jumping jacks
We all know the pain that comes with waiting for our nails to dry, only to smudge them and have to redo all of them again. Distract yourself and get your heart rate up by doing a few sets of jumping jacks.

What do you do to multitask? Share you tips with us in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #AussieStreetArt.


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  1. Ah! These are Brilliant!! Time is always an issue and I absolutely love to multitask with everything that I do ;)

  2. Definitely gonna try some of these (already doing the “toothbrush toes”)

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