The deal with silver shampoo

Silver shampoo explained

You may have heard about silver shampoo, but are wondering what on earth you may need to use it for. You might also have heard it being referred to as “purple shampoo.” This is because the colour of the shampoo is bright purple. The purpose of this shampoo is to keep blonde and highlighted hair healthy and purified. These types of shampoos contain anti-yellowing agents and amino acids, which reduce yellow tones and brassiness from appearing in our locks.

We asked hair expert and owner of Tanaz Hair, Nails & Body, Shelene Shaer, to give us her expertise about this kind of shampoo.

When does one need to use a silver shampoo?
One uses a silver shampoo to cancel out brassy tones. You can use it to give hair extra shine, neutralise yellows and keep highlights looking fresh.

What are the benefits?
It gives the colour a whiter, brighter look, which will shine better.

Is it only for people with blonde or highlighted hair?
No. This is great for people with grey hair too.

What is the difference between silver and purple shampoo?
Purple is the colour of the shampoo and it gives off a silver reflection.

What causes hair to go brassy?
The sun, heat styling tools and washing your hair with shampoo that strips colour.

How often can you use a silver shampoo?
As often as your hair needs it. Too much can make the hair turn ashy but if you are constantly battling brassiness use it a couple of times a week.

Some silver shampoos we love:

Trevor Sorbie Colour Silver Shampoo, R99.99
MATRIX total results So Silver Shampoo, R130.00
L’Oréal Professional Silver Shampoo, 250ml, R191.00
Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo, 300ml, R225

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