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We know we should take care of our skin, but we should pay extra attention to our delicate eye area. After all, the health of our eyes gives a lot away, and not just our age.
BSA reader Sandra Phoma has this question: When is the right age to start using eye creams?

Skin Renewal founder and expert, Dr. Maureen Allem, replied:

Fine lines and dark shadows generally settle in around your early to mid-twenties, and crows-feet from your late twenties and early thirties, worsening as we age and loose the vital volume which once left us looking fresh and youthful. To make matters worse, guess where the least amount of collagen and elastin is found naturally in your skin? Yip, around your eyes!

So it’s always a good idea to treat your skin or any area, based on what you observe on the skin. If you start seeing fine lines or thinning of the skin around your eyes, that’s the perfect time to start using an eye product. Of course, prevention is better than cure, so until you notice something specific, it’s wise to use products that keep the skin hydrated and protected.

However, bear in mind that a cream will have limited results on the damage that’s already been done. A cream cannot take dynamic lines away – these are the lines that form because you smile and move your face. But if you simply want to soften and hydrate the area making it appear slightly less, then an eye cream is the way to go.

How to apply eye creams effectively

  1. Do not waste the product. A drop is more than enough for both eyes.
  2. Apply the cream to the area with a cotton bud, ring finger or the applicator the product comes with. Your ring finger is the weakest and will apply the least amount of pressure to that sensitive area, preventing pulling and stretching of the skin.
  3. Start at the bottom-inside area of your eye, closest to your tear duct and gently dab around the eye area until you reach the top-outside corner. The direction isn’t really relevant but as long as you dab, you can start at any side of the eye. Pressing or even gently tapping your products into the skin is also absolutely fine. Don’t rub, as you could tear the gentle skin.
  4. Don’t go anywhere near your lash line; stay on your occipital bone.
  5. Don’t forget to dab the area where crow’s-feet tend to develop.
  6. Do make sure that this area is evenly covered and the product has is absorbed properly into the skin.

Tips for picking an eye cream

The skin around our eyes tends to be exceptionally thin and crepey. As we age it only becomes more fragile and prone to allergic reactions. That’s why it’s important to take extreme care when choosing eye care products and treatments for this delicate and often sensitive area. We highly suggest you take the following into consideration when choosing eye care products and treatments:

* Fragrances – these are often the cause of allergies.

* Colours – again these are often the cause of allergies

* Texture and weight – you need to find an effective cosmeceutical product that suits your age, your eye’s requirements and your personal texture preference.

* Packaging – air tight pump dispensers are ideal as these keep your product sterile and prevent bacterial invasion.

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6 Responses

  1. I have tried everything gosh, I have terrible dark marks under my eye and I’m tired of hiding it with a concealer. I don’t know what to use anymore

  2. I have such dark circles under my eyes and I have tried a few eye creams to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I just can’t seem to get one that works!

  3. I have dark circles and have tried so many products on the market. Nothing seems to be effective.

  4. There are so many different eye creams on the market which is the best and really works. I have tried many and I see no difference.

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