Facial SPFs for every skin concern

Facial SPFs for every skin concern 1

Facial SPF is important all year round, regardless of the season. Not only does it protect your skin against the premature formation of the signs of ageing, sun burn and skin cancer, but it also helps prevent pigmentation.

The SPF market is so large that there really is the perfect formulation for everyone. Whether you’re concerned about breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, or dark marks, there is an SPF with a formulation designed specifically with your concern in mind. We’ve rounded up a few of the very best SPFs for different skin concerns.

A tinted SPF is perfect for days when you don’t want to wear full-on foundation, but you’d still like subtle coverage.


Facial SPFs for every skin concern 2

iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF40 PerfecTint (R1705.00)
Innoxa Tinted SPF15 Beauty Balm (R240.00)
Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluid SPF50+ Gold or Light Tint (R279.95)
All Good Tinted Sunscreen Butter SPF50 (R249.95)

In theory, all sunscreens will help prevent dark marks and pigmentation. However, if you have existing pigmentation, it’s best to go for a formula designed for it, as these usually contain other ingredients that help fight the formation of dark marks.


Facial SPFs for every skin concern 3

Heliocare 360° Pigmentation Solution Fluid SPF50 (R550.00)
L’Oreal Paris UV Defender Even Skin Tone SPF50+ (R259.00)
Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector Sun Fluid SPF50 (R289.95)
SVR Clairial Day Anti-Brown Spot Unifying Corrector SPF30 (R690.00)

Oiliness / breakouts
If your skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes, you’ll know that some sunscreens can exacerbate the problem. We recommend a gel or lightweight formula that’s low on oil (or oil-free) and that won’t clog pores or prevent the skin from breathing.


Facial SPFs for every skin concern 4

L’Oreal Paris UV Defender Shine Control SPF50+ (R259.00)
Heliocare Gel Ultra 90 Sunscreen SPF50+ (R429.53)
Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Suncare SPF50 (R279.00) 

A broad-spectrum SPF with added anti-ageing benefits? Yes please! Look for SPFs that contain antioxidants, Q10 or AHAs.


Facial SPFs for every skin concern 5

Nivea Sun Anti-Age Q10 SPF50 (R150.00)
Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30 (R540.00)
Intitut Estherderm Adaptasun Protective Face Care (R742.00)

If you’re looking for an all-round fantastic SPF that’s suitable for all skin types and offers fuss-free protection, you’ve come to the right place.


Facial SPFs for every skin concern 6

SKIN functional Sunscreen SPF50 (R160.00)
Nuxe Sun Light Fluid SPF50 (R525.00)
Gatineau Perfection Ultime SPF50 UV Shield (R760.00)
Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules (R506.00)
Skoon Sun Guardians AM + PM Sunny Bonani and Nite Love (R1050.00)


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