Haircuts for round faces

Beauty heavyweight, Allure magazine, trawled the celeb sites and found these five most flattering haircuts for round faces.

Round faces have that sweet and youthful appeal, but the right cut can add sophistication, too. These celebs show us how it’s done – and no lengths are off-limits.

Haircuts for round faces

Long, barely there layers

A super long cut like Penélope Cruz’s lengthens the face, and subtle layers starting near her collarbone prevent it from falling flat. ‘Those light layers, achieved with thinning shears, give it a little lift, but it still looks like it’s one length,’ says hairstylist Andy Lecompte. Long hair is prone to split ends, so maintenance is important: Treat it with a weekly mask and a bimonthly trim.

Side-swept bangs

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of bangs – they don’t always accentuate a round face. Kirsten Dunst’s sweeping fringe, which she matched with a deep side part and a shoulder-length cut, actually thins her face. ‘The longest bit of the bang hits mid-lip, but when you blow it dry and sweep it over, it grazes the cheekbones and defines them really nicely,’ Lecompte says. He suggests running a texturizer over strands for control.

Haircuts for round faces

Tapered pixie

Don’t be afraid to go short. Ginnifer Goodwin’s piecey fringe, paired with short, tapered sides, gives definition to her round face. Before your stylist picks up a pair of scissors, though, be sure to ask for softness around the ears. ‘Clipping too much will look masculine,’ Lecompte says. He also recommends styling with your fingers to avoid stiffness. ‘Using a brush or flatiron will give too much artificial shape.’

Voluminous lob

Adele’s collarbone-grazing cut has a balancing effect: The fullest part of a round face is at the cheeks, so keeping the weight at the ends of strands enhances angles along the jawline. ‘This is about having almost one length, but a few soft layers at the bottom add thickness,’ Lecompte says. It has a gorgeous retro feel, but be wary of over styling. Set hair with hot rollers, then brush through curls and let them take their own shape. ‘The imperfection is what makes it modern,’ he says.

Angled bangs

‘A heavy fringe is really flattering on Nicole,’ says Lecompte, who gave Richie this shaggy, shoulder-length cut. To prevent bangs from shortening a round face, adjust the width. Lecompte snipped these ones just above the eyelashes from cheekbone to cheekbone, angling them down at the sides about three quarters of an inch. ‘This really plays up her eyes,’ he says.

Written by Catherine Devine, this article originally appeared in Allure.

Images: FeatureFlash/s_bukley/

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