How to: Apply false nails at home


You want pretty nails and you want them quickly, but unfortunately your own nails are just not long enough to paint. Enter: falsies.

They really are so simple to use and these days they come in every shape, size and colour one would desire. Follow our easy steps to apply your false nails with zero fail.

  1. Start off with clean nails. That means no nail polish in sight, not even a base coat. The false nail needs a clean surface to hold on to.
  2. Lay out all the nails in front of you so you see the sizes and then match them to your actual nail bed. Do this for both hands.
  3. If some are too big, file them down gently until you are happy with their fit.
  4. Taking the nail glue, gently apply a drop to your nail and a drop onto the false nail. Try applying the glue only to the bottom half of the false nail (the part that actually has contact with your nail). This glue dries very quickly so you need to work fast.
  5. To apply the false nail, pinch back the skin on either side of your nail and apply the nail by placing the bottom edge at an angle first, and then push down the rest of the nail, removing any air bubbles.
  6. Hold down for 10 – 15 seconds.
  7. File the nail gently if you want to remove length or change the shape some more. 

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