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How to approach hollow under eyes

under eye

I’m 34 years old and after the birth of two kids and lack of sleep, I have a “hollow” look under my eyes and wrinkles all around my eyes. What can I do?

Dr Mareen Allem from Skin Renewal answers:

Essentially what you have here are two primary problems:

  1. The first problem is the loss of hydration in the skin, which also affects your skin tone, texture and accounts for fine lines that start to form on the skin. This issue you can treat with over-the-counter products like Eucerin Volume Filler Eye cream. They will help you with the restoration of the lost skin hydration.


  1. The second problem you have mentioned is volume loss (described by you as a hollow look). Volume loss cannot be fixed by any topical cream. However, volume can be corrected by being replaced and there is no better fix for volume loss than injecting a filler. These are often made of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance manufactured by the skin. Under eye filler is a common procedure, when done correctly and by a registered and qualified medical aesthetic doctor, you should not have any problems in correcting that issue.


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2 Responses

  1. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep for almost 2 years, haha! The black circles underneath my eyes definitely do not bring out the color of my eyes so I’ve started using eye cream, I find the Loreal Laser Renew one works great x

  2. It is such a relief to know that there are solutions with Skinrenewal procedures, having kids are great but the lack of sleep thereafter can really create havoc all round. Although my sons are all grown up I still think back to what it was like when all you wanted to do was sleep for a few hours but instead you had to get up for work. I am so glad that is over now I can sleep when I want. It would be great if Skinrenewal would offer a freebie to this mom, it sounds like she really needs it.

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