How to combat dry and cracked lips

How to combat dry and cracked lips 1

If you’ve ever suffered from extremely dry, chapped or even cracked lips, you’ll know just how painful it can be. Toothpaste and food can cause a terrible burning sensation, in and severe cases, the corners of the mouth can become so dry that it’s even difficult to open wide enough for flossing, yawning and smiling. And lipstick? Don’t even go there – it’s not going to happen.

The most common cause is cold or very dry weather, but our lifestyle and the products we apply to our lips can also contribute to dehydration and dryness.

Unlike the skin on the rest of our bodies, the skin on our lips does not contain oil glands. This means that they cannot moisturise themselves naturally, which makes them prone to drying out. The experts at Skin Renewal recommend these tips for keeping your lips soft and moisturised:

Invest in a topical barrier repair product
Dry lips may have a compromised skin barrier, which needs to be repaired to restore moisture. Applying a good quality moisturiser like Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream or Neostrata’s Problem Dry Skin Cream will not only offer immediate relief, but it will also help keep the lips hydrated and less prone to future dryness.

Up your vitamin intake
If your lips are persistently dry, it may be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency. Be sure to eat lots of fresh foods, and if in doubt, add a good quality multivitamin, omega oils and antioxidants to your supplement arsenal. A simple blood test at your nearest Skin Renewal branch will determine whether you have a deficiency and put your mind at ease.

Stay hydrated
Coffee, tea, alcohol, aircon and dry weather all contribute to dehydration. You’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but drinking eight glasses of water per day is non-negotiable. Not only does it keep your body hydrated, but it will keep your skin and particularly your lips, hydrated too.

Stop licking your lips
You may think you’re giving them added moisture, but licking actually does the opposite. Saliva evaporates super quickly and takes existing moisture with it, which means that your lips will actually be drier than they were before.

Apply SPF
If your lip balm doesn’t contain an SPF, be sure to apply a little bit of sunscreen to your lips before leaving the house. The sun can cause serious dryness, and if your lips are already dry, it could even cause blistering.

Avoid matte lipsticks
They might look great, but matte formulations are known to be drying. When your lips are dry, it’s best to avoid lipstick all together and apply a nourishing lip balm instead. If you simply can’t live without a slick of colour, opt for a hydrating glossy texture instead.

If all else fails, book an appointment with a doctor at your nearest Skin Renewal branch to determine if there is an underlying condition causing the problem.

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  1. I tend to lick my lips alot and had matte lipstick on just two days ago. This article was very helpful. It explains the condition of my lips. I normally do not have a problem with dry lips. I do tend to lick and bite my lips alot. I have a lip routine which works well for me, now I can upgrade that routine.

  2. I apply coconut oil before bedtime to help keep my lips hydrated throughout the night. My lips feel soft and smooth in the morning. If you feel like you can’t stick the smell of coconut oil then applying a thick layer of vaselin will do the job as well.

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